Don't Plead Guilty To a Traffic Ticket in Orange County, NY

Got a Ticket in Orange County, NY? Don’t Plead Guilty Without Consulting With a Skilled New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer Don't Plead Guilty To a Traffic Ticket in Orange County, NY

You are driving along the New York Thruway or anywhere else in Orange County, NY and you see the dreaded flashing lights in your rearview mirror. It’s an unmistakable feeling that no one enjoys. Whether you don’t believe you were doing anything wrong or you think you have a good reason for the driving behavior that got you pulled over, police officers in the Mid-Hudson Valley won’t hesitate to ticket you. Depending on the violation, one ticket can mean expensive fines, points on your license, insurance premium hikes and even the possibility of having your driver’s license suspended.

If you have received a traffic ticket for DWI, speeding, running a red light or any other violation in Orange County, NY, don’t just pay the ticket! Did you know that writing a check and paying the ticket is the equivalent of a guilty plea? You still get the points and your insurance company will still be advised of your ticket. Ka-ching!

You owe it to yourself to request a consultation with an experienced traffic ticket lawyer who knows all the towns in Orange County, NY and will fight to get your ticket downgraded or, when possible, dismissed. Whether you were ticketed on the New York I-87, routes 9, 17, 32, 218, 306, 307, 308, or anywhere else in Orange County, NY, call Jonathan D. Katz right away to schedule a consultation about your ticket.

He will explain your rights, suggest a variety of defense strategies depending on your violation and the circumstances and then fight for you in court. He will negotiate skillfully with the prosecutors and isn’t afraid to go to trial to fight your charges, when necessary.

Ignoring the Ticket Won’t Work

Some people think “out of sight, out of mind.” They toss the ticket into the glove compartment and drive away. This is a very bad idea. The judges in Orange County take their municipal traffic laws very seriously. If you don’t respond to the ticket, the judge in the town where you were pulled over will likely issue a warrant for your arrest. Now you aren’t fighting just a traffic ticket; the stakes just got a whole lot higher.

The Ticket Can’t Be Contested After the Fact

You get one chance to have your day in court when fighting a traffic ticket. If you pay the ticket and plead guilty, you don’t get a second chance to raise a defense in your case. It’s not unusual to reconsider your guilty plea once you see how even one ticket can impact your insurance premium.

Therefore, take your one opportunity to get your ticket downgraded. Mr. Katz knows the prosecutors and judges throughout Orange County, NY. He will negotiate to get your ticket downgraded to a no-point non-moving violation citation. In some cases, he can bring a defense that will get your charges dismissed completely. If need be, because you can’t get out of work or you don’t live in the area, Mr. Katz can stand in your place in court (in most cases.)

What are the Penalties for a Traffic Violation Conviction in Orange County, NY?

Fines: Depending on the charge – DWI, speeding, reckless driving, running a red light or stop sign, improper lane changes, repeat offenses, CDL violations – you will be forced to pay hefty fines. You’ll also be facing court costs, driver assessment fees and more.

Points: If you get convicted of a moving violation , such as speeding, you will have points on your license. You can rack up points fast; a ticket for high-speed tickets can put 11 points on your license. In New York, 11 points in 18 months will result in a license suspension. Other violations will put between two and five points on your license. Texting while driving, a relatively new traffic violation in New York State, comes with five motor vehicle points.

A Record: Make no mistake about it, the NY Department of Motor Vehicles will find out about your ticket and points. The conviction will stay on your record. Also, New York will contact your home state, if you don’t live here. Your conviction will follow you home and impact your driving privileges there, too.

Insurance Premium Hike: Many insurance carriers will place a surcharge on your policy for up to three years if you get convicted of a moving violation. The company even has the right to cancel your policy if you’ve racked up too many points.

Loss of Driving Privileges: If you accumulate too many points, your license could be suspended or even revoked. Not being able to drive has serious implications on your quality of life. How will you get to work or school? How will you go food shopping or be involved in other activities. Protecting your license is important!

Call a Knowledgeable Orange County, NY Traffic Ticket Lawyer About Your Speeding Ticket Today

Getting a traffic ticket is a hassle. Having to pay the penalties is even worse. Don’t go it alone. Talk to a savvy New York traffic ticket lawyer today to schedule a consultation. Mr. Katz will explain your rights and fight for you in court. He knows many defense strategies he may be able to employ to get your ticket reduced or dismissed completely.

Before you pay the ticket and plead guilty, contact Jonathan D. Katz, Esq. He has been helping drivers, like you, for many years fight their traffic tickets in courtrooms throughout Orange County, NY.

If you are from out of the area or just can’t take off work to come to court, Mr. Katz may be able to stand in for you – saving you time and money, as well. Call him today to request a consultation.

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Client Reviews
I had a wonderful experience working with this law firm. They took care of everything for me, I did not even have to attend court. My 4 point ticket was reduced to a 0 pt violation , which I was very pleased with. Jonathan Katz and his associates worked in a very timely manner and I didn't have to worry or stress about the process at all. I live 2 plus hours from the area where the ticket was received and I was very pleased how minimally I was involved in the process yet, was kept very informed. Liz was very professional , effective, a pleasure to work with and made the process very easy for me. I would highly recommend Jonathan Katz law firm !! Nealie
Got a traffic ticket in Dutchess County. First one in a long time. So I looked for local traffic attorney and saw Jonathan Katz Law with great views. Susan took my call, she was very patient and provided me with a lot of valuable information. She explained the process and the options available. She encouraged me to do more homework first (e.g. calling the town court, checking with insurance company etc.) before deciding whether to use their service. She also followed up with an email, showing me how to retrieve my NYS driving record. She’s professional, responsive and honest. Truly exceptional service, highly recommend! massa in ullamcorper. Quan
I spoke with Jonathan's office for a speeding ticket and was treated with friendliness, fairness, and transparency. I'm in sales & customer service so I know when I'm being treated well and when I'm being treated poorly and they definitely treated me well. I received the outcome I expected and an extremely happy with the service! Ryan